Kendal Moore & Jodi Bryan
Tree Coordinators for Texas (Amarillo)

Survivors of Suicide support groups are available for those who have lost someone to suicide.
We meet for 8 weeks with leaders who are skilled and experienced in suicide loss.
For more information, contact Kris Collins at 806-457-4993.

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5304 Erik 
Amarillo, TX  79109
(806) 206-2376
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4600 I-40 West Ste. 303 
Amarillo, TX  79106
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Location of Tree
5304 Erik 
Amarillo, TX  79109
(806) 206-2376

Tree Lighting Ceremony
Please contact either tree coordinator for the exact date of the launching ceremony and dates that the tree will be open to the public. The Memory Tree will be up for at least one month, and you may visit this tree at any time.

Kendal's Story
Hello, my name is Kendal Moore. I’m the proud mother of Dalton Gage Moore. He lived 12 years, 4 months and 22 days. He was beautiful from the second I laid eyes on him. He was a great baby, and brought a smile to my face often. Even as a toddler, he realized how he loved to make people laugh. His personality was endearing and contagious. Am I proud of the choice he made? No, but, I AM proud of his soul…of the boy God created him to be. He left his mark in this world, and we are blessed to have known him.
Dalton reached a dark place that enveloped him to the point he didn’t see another way out. His pain stemmed from his dad passing just 6 months before , and unfortunately Dalton was being bullied at school. He left a note for me, saying how he felt and that this was his only escape. We were working towards getting some help, but he passed away two days before the counseling appointment. The night before he had even made his Christmas wish list out, he tried so hard to overcome the dark cloud that covered him!
I work daily to keep the guilt and the “what if’s” away from my healing process. I allowed myself to have those thoughts for a while, but we can’t change yesterday. I will (we will) never be the same again, our lives are changed forever. I’ve made the choice to move on. I choose to heal, I choose to make a difference in this world. There are two things I want from this life. First, if I can help one person to go through this horrific loss, and, second if God would use me to help someone not make the permanent choice of suicide. Then I feel that both Dalton and my purpose on this earth is complete.
I encourage us all to allow the holidays to be a time of celebration, to remember our loved ones. I feel that this Memory Tree gives us a guide and a hope, as we strive to heal. I know how hard it is to be in public as we grieve, our vulnerability can keep us from socializing. But in my experience, I have received healing when I took those baby steps to share my story with others. It’s comforting to know you are not alone!! When my day comes, and my time is complete here on this earth…my hope would be for our Heavenly Father to say to me “Well done, good and faithful servant”. And when I see that freckled face beaming with a smile, I hope my precious baby boy would say to me “Good job Mom – we’ve been waiting for you”!!

Jodi's Story
Hello my name is Jodie Bryan and I'm a survivor of my husband's suicide in late July of 2010. My most important thing to say is if someone is talking about suicide you better seek help! My husband never said anything to me about taking his own life but I later found out he had mentioned it to several friends that never thought he would be capable of actually acting on it.
We were having marital problems but we were trying to work through them just like we had done in the past. I had been in a relationship with my husband for 21 years and married for 19 and never dreamed he would do such an awful thing to himself and all of us that loved him. Obviously I was wrong. Just never think someone isn't capable because you can never really know their true mental state.
I put all my trust in God to get us through this and I continue to believe he will get us through this one day at a time.
Thank you and have a blessed day!

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