Kathy Wainscott
Tree Coordinator for Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

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522 North Main Street,
Lawrenceburg, KY

Tree Lighting Ceremony
Please contact this tree coordinator for the exact date of the launching ceremony and dates that the tree will be open to the public. These trees are usually up for an entire month and you may visit this tree at any time.

In Memory of my daughter, Amanda Rose Wainscott
June 3, 1985-May 21, 2006

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My Story
My 20 year daughter, Amanda Rose Wainscott, committed suicide May21, 2006.
Amanda was not depressed and was a happy beautiful girl, with a million dollar smile.
She thought she might have been pregnant, which she wasn't and had talked to the ex-boyfriend and what ever he said set it off.
She took a overdose of her grandmothers meds, but the weird thing is she had thrown up all of the pills, there were no pills in her stomach and the M.E said she had a very low dose of pills in her blood.
But, that does not make her any less gone.
I would like to do something to get the word out here in my little town that has had a number of suicides and nothing ever gets said about them, they are swept under the rug. Lexington, KY which is about 30 minutes away has a SOS meeting and I have went several times and there have been from 1 person(me) to three other people besides myself.
I just feel like this memory tree would be a good place to start. I have 4 other children that are grown and they will be glad to help me next Christmas, we have talked about it and I (we) would be honored to do this in memory of our loved one.
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