My Mom, Linda

Tree Coordinator for Michigan (Muskegon)

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Contact Jennifer for exact location.

Tree Lighting Ceremony
Please contact this tree coordinator for the exact date of the launching ceremony and dates that the tree will be open to the public. These trees are usually up for an entire month and you may visit this tree at any time.

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In memory of my Mom, Linda
Til we meet again...until then, goodbye.
March 4, 1948 to May 2, 2002

My Story
My mother! She is the reason I am what I am today. One of my favorite Christmas memories is when I was little and my sisters still lived at home. Every Christmas morning my mother would get up, and while we were all “opening” our stockings, my mom would be busy in the kitchen making a HUGE pot of oatmeal! After we looked into our stockings, we would all sit down to a great breakfast of oatmeal, toast, milk, and juice! While my sisters and I were handing out the presents, mom was busy in the kitchen again to get the ham in the oven. After she finished her work in the kitchen, we would all sit in a circle and open our presents! We always started with the youngest—and guess what? I was the youngest! We always had so may presents every year that it took us hours to open them all. I am hoping that my little girl likes oatmeal, because I would like to do this with her and my husband. If not, then I guess I will try to find and create our own “tradition!”

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