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In Memory of my best friend, Joseph Peterson
November 13, 1982 to March 26, 2001

My Story
On the morning of March 26, 2001, I received an e-mail that I will always remember word for word: “Jen, Thank you for everything, and just remember that I will always love you. Joe.” Later that night I received the bad news from Joe's mother that he shot himself. When I got off the phone, I fell into my dadís arms. All of my limbs had gone numb and I could barely hold myself up. It was five days before my eighteenth birthday. The one and only guy I had fallen in love with was gone. Just sitting here thinking about that night brings tears to my eyes. Never in my life have I found a hole in my heart bigger than the one I have now. I knew the minute we talked there would be a lifelong connection between us. I later knew I had found my soul mate.

Losing Joe to suicide has been the most difficult hurdle in my life. There are no words to explaining how I felt then and how I feel now. There isnít a day that goes by that I donít think about Joe, his smile, his laughter, his strong will, and loveable personality. No one really knew he was that depressed; depressed to the point that he wanted to commit suicide. Itís been really hard for me to get emotionally close to other guys. Sometimes I feel like Iím back in square one with my grieving. However, with the help of my friends and family, and support groups, I always seem to pull myself back up and keep on my feet. I just wish the world could stop moving for a short amount of time.

All of this is exactly why I want to reach out to other survivors of suicide. I love being able to talk with people who have been through what I have, and listening to people who want to be heard by someone who knows how they feel. I think the Memory Tree of Lights will help me in more ways than one.
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