Jan Anderson
Tree Coordinator for Great Britain

Contact Information
19 Castle Dore
Swindon SN58PQ
Wiltshire, UK
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My Story
Kristian, my eldest son, tragically took an intentional overdose of heroin on the night of October 31, 2002. He left two suicide notes alongside his favourite jacket. He spent his final night, alone, propped against the wall in the stairwell of an ice-cold, dark and inhospitable concrete landing. He was pronounced dead at 12:20 p.m. on Friday, November 1, 2002, after the hospital staff battled in vain for three and a half hours to save his life. He died just 10 days before his daughter’s first birthday and 12 days before his sister’s third birthday. Kristian was 20 years-old.
I look forward to launching a Memory Tree of Lights in the UK and encourage other people around the country to do so. It would be wonderful if this could become a global project. This is such a wonderful idea and it offers comfort to so many in addition to uniting families touched by the tragedy of suicide.
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