Brenda Reeves
Tree Coordinator for South Dakota

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Recommended Websites
Jay's new memorial site addy has been changed due to people desecrating his site - the new addy is:

The Suicide and Mental Health Association International
SMHAI is dedicated to suicide and mental health related issues. Our main goal is to prevent suicidal behavior and to relieve its effects on all who maybe affected by it. We also promote and advocate education, awareness and treatment in regards to mental health.

Be sure to check out all of the memorials! They are listed under Memorials, Remembrances & Celebrations of Life in the left hand column.

SMHAI - FF Support group for those who have lost a loved one, friend, or relative to suicide.

SMHAI - Parents Exclusive parents group for those who have lost a child to suicide.

SMHAI - Siblings of Suicides SD Exclusive group for siblings suffering a loss from suicide.

The Most Difficult Journey Newsletter - Magazine Our magazine is dedicated to suicide prevention, awareness, education, grief and healing; In our magazine, you will find stories of those lost to the tragedy of suicide, poems, articles, a question and answer column, research materials, events listings and many other interesting items. We hope that you will enjoy each and every issue and we look forward to your participation in some way. Together, we will walk this journey, hand in hand.

In memory and honor of all who have been lost to the tragedy of suicide. May their light always shine brightly in our hearts.

My Story
After suffering two suicides in our family, I would like to reach out to as many people as possible. My hope is to prevent others from taking their lives. Helping others on this grief journey helps me on my journey also.

I have been a tree coordinator since 2002 and have met many wonderful people. I would like to think that the stories and hugs each of us have shared has helped others as much as it has helped me.

Only God Knows Why!......

Life is a gift from God - treasure it!
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