CLUTTER AND MENTAL HEALTH – why your messy house causes anxiety, depression, stress, shame or guilt

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THE 6 WAYS CLUTTER, DISORGANIZATION, AND BEING MESSY NEGATIVELY AFFECTS OUR MENTAL HEALTH – If your messy house is inability to get organized is causing severe negative emotions & stress, and contributing to a sense of hopelessness, guilt, shame, or helplessness, this video is for you. If you are caught in the clutter-depression-anxiety cycle, please know that you are not alone, and it IS impossible to regain control of your life and your home. Today, we’ll discuss how clutter can affect your psychological health, how clutter can impact your brain and how organizing and decluttering can reduce these symptoms. This is the first video in a series on clutter and its effects on our well-being. Subscribe to receive notifications when the next videos are available in this series. These videos will help those who are extremely affected by clutter and disorganization. It is my sincere hope that you find it helpful, validating, and healing.

PSYCHOLOGY of Disorganization VIDEO (Please view if you struggle to identify the root cause for your disorganization/inclination to surround yourself with clutter): />PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND THE ATTACHMENT TO SENSITIONAL ITEMS & HOW LET THEM GIVE: />
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Nena Lavonne, a certified life coach and author, is also a motivational speaker and author with a background of personality and developmental psychology. She specializes in self-development. It brings her joy more than helping others live more fulfilling, meaningful, and joyful lives. Nena has a weekly podcast, “Pathways to Happiness”, which can be accessed on many platforms.

A licensed mental health professional can offer additional guidance, support, treatment options and strategies for those who feel their mental health is in danger.

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