Adult ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment Review Psychiatry UK 1 Year On

This is my review of the whole process from referral to diagnosis, treatment, and nearly a year of taking stimulants for ADHD.

If you think you have ADHD your GP can refer you for an ADHD assessment with your local provider or you can choose to go down the private route. NHS waiting times across the UK, especially in England, can take anything up to FIVE YEARS in some areas, with the majority of cases taking at least two years just to get an initial assessment.

***April 2022 Update***
Psychiatry-UK is fully booked until at least October 2022 and is currently not taking bookings. The clinic will get in touch with referred patients as soon as possible, and they aim to schedule new clients in chronological order of the date their referrals were received. Their website is updated on a regular basis with new information.

Since posting this video a number of other clinics have been used through Right To Choose in England. The ADHD UK website has some useful information, including a letter you can send to your GP if your Right To Choose is declined.

Find out more at /

After waiting for two years for ADHD treatment through the NHS in England I eventually received treatment from Psychiatry-UK, a psychiatry service providing Adult ADHD Diagnosis and ADHD treatments virtually.

My own ADHD diagnosis in early childhood is in my medical records but the local ADHD provision rejected my referral to their service after several attempts by my doctor, because they would not re-diagnose ADHD and only treat patients that have been diagnosed by their service, leaving me in limbo, and potentially thousands of others.

Private ADHD treatment in the UK is relatively expensive, and not always accessible. I asked my GP to refer me to Psychiatry-UK (P-UK) for assessment and treatment under The NHS Choice Framework which gives you the Right To Choose your treatment provider. My GP agreed and the local commissioners agreed to fund my treatment.

Within two weeks of the GP referral, I had a virtual appointment with a psychiatrist specialising in ADHD and received a diagnosis (again!) of ADHD. Just having this in writing was a relief and a huge weight off my shoulders. The titration process began a week or two later and once I found a medication that seemed to help, my GP agreed to a shared care agreement so that I can now get prescriptions easily and via the NHS instead of paying hundreds of pounds each month.

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I hope this has been useful. See some links below to find out what ADDtrepreneur is about and to learn more about adult ADHD in the UK.

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