ADHD: The Unsuspected Underdog | Jamie Cutino | TEDxCWRU

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Jamie Cutino a master of occupational therapy, founder, ADHD coach, and ADHD advocate. In this talk, she delves into her upbringing, her struggle with ADHD, and how she was able to overcome them. Furthermore, she explores lessons learned along the way from working with other neurodivergent women through her organization Outsmart ADHD. Jamie is a Master of Occupational Therapy / Founder of Outsmart ADHD / Co-founder of Be Unemployable / ADHD Coach / ADHD Advocate.Jamie did not allow the constraints of growing up in poverty, her father’s addictions, or her mother’s death to define the limits of her success. As the founder of Outsmart ADHD, she coaches women with ADHD to overcome obstacles in their daily lives, often stemming from childhood trauma and having a misunderstood brain. She believes that ADHDers are the most creative and capable humans on the planet, and with the right guidance and support, their lives can reflect it. She is also the Co-founder of Be Unemployable, a podcast and educational brand for neurodivergent business owners. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at x

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