ADHD & PMDD: How to Manage Both – Part 1

ADHD & PMDD: How to Manage Both – Part 1
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“In this episode, I catch up with Savannah LeJeune a Colorado-based photographer to talk about how PMDD (pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder) impacts her ADHD.
Living with PMDD

Before she was diagnosed with ADHD, she discovered that she had PMDD. Savannah moved to LA after graduating from college and began working in the fast-paced movie industry.

She described extreme mood swings that she experienced before her period began. Savannah felt that her PMS was more than normal after reading about it.

She found that she couldn’t do the daily tasks of her day once a month because she felt tired and unmotivated. Savannah began to notice the connection between her period and the times she was struggling.

Searching for answers
Savannah made the decision to return home to Colorado to seek help from a PMDD therapist. Savannah was suggested by her therapist that she might have ADHD. She encouraged Savannah to visit a psychiatrist.

She was disillusioned by her first psychiatrist and sought a second opinion, who diagnosed her ADHD.

ADHD and PMDD – The hormonal link

As many of my guests mentioned, ADHD can be made more difficult by the drop in estrogen just before periods begin. Savannah has PMDD which means that her symptoms are more severe.

Savannah, working with her psychiatrist, has noticed a huge difference in her ADHD symptoms and PMDD symptoms when she takes Vyvanse. She says she now feels better four weeks out of every month, instead of three.

She encourages others to persevere in their search for someone to listen.

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59 Savannah’s diagnosis story

2: 00 Signs of PMDD

7: 45 Relationship Between PMDD & ADHD

12: 00 Managing ADHD & PMDD

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