ADHD Medications Are Overprescribed

ADHD Medications Are Overprescribed

Psychiatrist Phil Borders addresses the question of whether stimulant medications are overprescribed. This video is partially a response to Netflix’s recently released documentary “Take Your Pills”.

These reliable resources provide information on ADHD and ADHD treatment:
ADHD facts: /
We know this much about the long-term effects ADHD medication has on our lives:
How dosage is important:
Types of ADHD medication
How stimulants can help ADHD (Sci Show includes research):
/>”Getting Ahead of ADHD” is a book by Dr. Joel T. Nigg that discusses non-medication treatment options and talks about medications starting at p 224):.
The effect of methamphetamines and amphetamines is different:
What causes addiction? />And here is a systematic review that includes 69 recent (2011-2016) studies related to ADHD treatment:

ADHD (stimulants) meds can give you an advantage if you are not diagnosed with ADHD

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