ADHD is also a problem for black women. Why do black women not talk about ADHD?

Better Brain, Better Game!

This channel is for YOU, my Black Sisters & WOC, with ADHD. Five more Black women with ADHD are hiding in shame and stigma, each willing to share their own struggles. ADHD can make you feel unqualified and inept. It can also lead to deep depression. This makes us wonder if things will ever improve or if we will ever be “normal.” It is clear that ADHD can be managed without shame or hiding. This is why this space exists. It’s safe. I understand. Believe me, I REALLY UNDERSTAND.

Understanding is essential. No matter how many times we forget to pick up our keys or lose our purses, we want to be understood.
ADHD is the new BLACK. These are just a few reasons why YouTube is important. You can help other ADHD women and WOC by “liking” this channel and “subscribing”. This is one way that we can support each other.

My article sharing: If you have hypersensitivity to light, sound or certain fabrics, it’s likely that there is a reason. Check out the article.

This article from ADDitude magazine explains why you are so mad about your clothing tags.

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