ADHD In Disguise 🥸: How symptoms can sometimes look like depression #shorts #adhd

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— Transcription —
(Thanks Hyrulistic!)

[Note: this video is primarily spoken dialogue with occasional displayed text matching what Jess says. Visual elements are not described at this time]

Jess speaking:
Some of the most common symptoms of ADHD are:
lack of motivation, difficulty with focusing and attention, insomnia, and sudden dark moods, or mood swings

These are all also common signs of depression.

While it’s totally normal to relate to signs of a specific condition on TikTok, a lot of conditions share symptoms. So it’s important to talk to a counsellor, or a psychologist, or your doctor, about any symptoms you might be having.

Sometimes ADHD and depression can look really similar.
Especially from the outside.

In the US, Psychology Today’s “Therapist Finder” is a really good place to start.

[end of video]

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