ADHD Body Double Strategy for Focus and Productivity

Have you heard of the ADHD Body Double? No, it’s not a clone like conspiracy theorists talk about with celebrities like Hillary Clinton and Britney Spears. Learn how to use the ADHD Body Double Strategy to increase focus, productivity and success!

It’s a simple and effective tool that helps children, teens and adults with ADD / ADHD with focus, concentration, tasks completion and productivity.

Read Linda Anderson’s article about the ADHD Body Double:

Join me for a 2-hour group action session by computer, tablet, or smart phone. I will lead the group to shift the energy and support the members to take action. The 2-hour LIVE virtual session will be broken down into multiple action blocks and quick check-ins. I will use proven methods including the Virtual Body Double Concept and the Pomodoro Technique to help group members supercharge their productivity and get things done.

Learn more about Tara’s McGilicuddy’s Adult ADD Productivity Circle:

Learn more about Tara McGillicuddy:

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