ADHD and Friendships: How To Play the Social Game

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The way ADHD brains develop can put us out of step with our childhood peers, leaving us feeling awkward, left out and with social anxiety that can follow us into adulthood. This article will discuss my personal experiences and provide simple solutions.

note — One of the Brains mentioned that peers and the Internet aren’t always the most reliable sources of information. This is true. Cultural differences exist and biases such as racism and sexism can be present. Also, the best advice might not work for everyone.

I hope that we can sort through all of the information and then decide if it is right for us.

I know that I would feel much more comfortable in dealing with social situations if I had known what to expect at a sleepover, how I should be a “host”, or what proper etiquette was for first dates.

Podcast is mentioned in the video — great info about playdates, and more!
Help your ADHD Child Make Friends Helping ADHD girls make friends
Friendship challenges for adults
ADHD brains mature a few more years later

This is all for fun. One of the brains pointed to reddit’s “outside” forum, which treats the outside world as if it were a game. It’s AMAZING: Q

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“The Show Must Go,” Professor Umlaut “
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