7 Ways I Survived Public Speaking

Better Brain, Better Game!

Nervous about public speaking? Are you afraid of speaking in public? Are you terrified of speaking in front of large crowds, small groups, or coworkers?

These are seven strategies that helped me overcome my shyness and social anxiety. They also helped me conquer fear of large audiences. These simple strategies allowed me to view audiences as my friends and transform my nervousness into an exciting rush.

Presenting comedy to thousands of people is what I love. This is how I turned something that I used to find terrifying into something fun and exciting.

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You might wonder, “Who is this guy and why is he doing this ?’
My name is Joe and I am a father, husband, comedian writer, producer, director, and performer. 2009 was where I made my first documentary, ADD & Loving It! It has been viewed by millions worldwide. I was diagnosed with adult ADHD (combined type) at the age 47,. I have also experienced a few episodes of depression.

This Patreon page is intended for those who love to tackle new projects and are interested in many topics. This is a place where we can freely discuss our thoughts and the challenges and joy that comes with them.

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