7 Signs Of Depression

7 Signs Of Depression

Depression is a serious mental illness that affects one in 15 adults (6.7%) in any given year. One in six people will have experienced depression at one point in their life. In this video, we cover some of the common signs of depression including: change in sleep pattern, change in appetite, low self-esteem, lack of interest in previous activities (anhedonia), lack of energy, decrease self care, irritability, intrusive thoughts, self harm or suicidal thoughts. This video is not meant to be as a diagnosis, but if you relate to some of these signs, you might want to consider seeking professional help.

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If you’re from Canada, you can check out:

Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only 24/7, national support service. Kids Help Phone offer professional counselling, information and referrals and volunteer-led, text-based support to young people in both English and French.

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Being in Canada, BC, we couldn’t help but previously participate in one of RYU’s ONE More REP for Mental Health challenge back in Nov. Unfortunately, we were late to editing and posting this video, but hopefully, you guys could support the initiative.

We did 67 Kettle Bell Swing Reps for #RYUMoreRep #MentalHealth #RYU_apparel

Not in affiliation with RYU, or SteveNash. The founder simply supports their clothing and works out at the gym with his trainer Dan.

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