468 | January 2023 Live Q&A with the ADHD reWired Podcast Team & ADHD reWired Coaches!

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Questions & Topics in this Episode:

[00:01:11] An ADHD moment and introductions

[00:03:54] A listener who was recently diagnosed asks about medication.

[00:12:14] “When a life catastrophe occurs, sometimes there is a ‘fixer’ mode – other times, there is an ‘overwhelm’ mode resulting in complete shut-down of all life-events and routines. How does one get past the hyper-emotional devastation and back into regularity without too much loss or damage, too?”

[00:20:25] “How to deal with gloomy days in winter? My motivation is non-existent!”

[00:27:40] A listener asks the panelists about their morning routines

[00:28:06] Will’s morning routine

[00:29:38] Kat’s morning party

[00:31:05] Eric’s a.m. variations

[00:32:26] Kristin’s “love” for mornings

[00:38:28] Eric shares a funny morning story with his son

[00:45:13] A listener, who has an executive function group for students, asks about accountability.

[00:53:34] “Please explain […] how to get rid of ‘doom’ piles and/or boxes.”

[01:03:49] A moment of dad…

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