3 Easy Steps for ADHD Organization | ADHD Skills Part 3

Disorganization causes a lot of frustration and wasted time looking for things. It can also frustrate those around you. These are three steps to help you keep up with your stuff: Place, Retrieve, and Return.
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Organization starts with a place for everything. Even the smallest items have a place. It can be a drawer to store your pens, mail container or hook for your keys.

If you are having organizational issues, your natural instinct is to try to keep everything within reach. You may have lots of clutter, but you want it to be manageable. When you assign your places, it is important to place the items you use the most frequently in the most convenient location or view. However, you need to place things in a more deliberate manner.

After you’ve decided where you want things to go, you must commit to putting them back there when you are done using them. When you have a need for something, you first go to its place and then return it immediately after you are done.

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