10 Signs You DON’T Have Depression

The past few years have been tumultuous, worrying, and depressing. My normally positive mood has been affected by events both personal and professional. Although I have felt down at times, I know that it is not a sign of Clinical Depression.

Have been there. This has been done. You’ve done it more than once. It’s not fun.

You may wonder what the signs are for full-blown depression if you have had a difficult few years. These 10 signs that it’s not depression are here to keep you positive. Vote for Pedro )

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Am I depressed?
Many patrons have inquired about the differences between natural sadness (or full-blown depression) and their symptoms.

Depression is classified as a mood disorder, which means that you have been diagnosed with depression by a doctor. You may be suffering to the point that you feel helpless.

Depression can develop slowly enough that you don’t notice it. Although I was not a doctor, I did portray a nurse in a Frantics comedy skit. My bedside manner was okay.

At times in my life, I’ve felt sad or depressed. There are many reasons. Usually.

I’ve been diagnosed with clinical depression a few times, so I have first-hand or first-hand knowledge.

To make sure I am not talking through my head, I have stopped wearing hats. I also consulted a list that contains depression symptoms that I trusted.

Symptoms of Depression
These are all signs of depression.
Trouble concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions
Feelings of guilt, worthlessness and helplessness Pessimism
and hopelessnessInsomnia, wakefulness in the morning, or excessive sleep Crankiness
The loss of interest in once pleasurable things, such as sex
.Overeating, or appetite loss

Cramps that don’t disappearEven with treatment
, digestive problems don’t improve.Persistent sadness, anxiety, or “empty” feelings Suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts
*Source WebMD

I found that the lists of depression symptoms were fairly consistent. They don’t differ much from one site to another. These lists are flat and abstract to me. When you are depressed, you don’t think or feel things in a balanced way. You could easily read any of these symptoms and say “um yeah, I don’t know, um kind of,” but they can also seem unfounded. Let’s make the Queen’s Gambit a real-life experience that all of us can share.

2020 This Netflix series about an orphan who turns into a chess prodigy has received 60 millions views in one month. That’s half of the world’s population… but it’s still impressive.

It was incredible. I won’t spoil it, but the scene on Mars was spectacular. Who knew Khloe Kardashian could act? You can substitute another program if you miss it. It’s possible you’ll be watching it later so it might be Sharknado 5: The dust devil’s revenge, or Napoleon Dynamite 2. Sorry.

Depression is a condition that affects only a small percentage of people. It can also happen in short periods. I have been happy my whole life. I am now a bit anxious, scattered, and worried but not forever.

These 10 signs will tell you that you are not depressed, since most people aren’t depressed all the time.

You can find the full transcript here

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